Resolutions You Should Make In 2019

Resolutions You Should Make In 2019

We’re at the beginning of 2019 and if you haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions, what are you waiting for? Making goals for the year is healthy and productive, allowing you to be your best self throughout the year in various ways. Goals provide your brain with extra motivation. It stimulates your brain’s pleasure centers, giving you a jolt of joy when you achieve them. Resolutions also help keep you on track so that you can live the life you’ve always wanted, one resolution at a time. Here are some resolutions you might want to consider making for 2019:

Get healthy

So many people make losing weight as their New Year’s resolution and fail to do so because they’re only focused on shedding pounds. Losing weight is a top goal many have each year, but fail to actually make that happen. Instead of setting yourself up for failure, change that resolution so that you end up being healthier in general. Make it a goal for 2019 to get healthy and stay healthy. This is more than just losing weight, but also eating right and taking care of your mind, body and soul. Making health a top priority in 2019 will not only help you lose weight, but be happy in your own skin.

Be financially stable

Make 2019 the year you put your finances in order! Be financially stable by creating a savings, paying off bills and being financially savvy with your purchases. It’s important to have financial stability and having a savings is a great place to start. You never know when an emergency will arise and you’ll need to have some funds just in case. Pay down your credit cards and start being smarter with your money…your future self will thank you for it!

Get organized

If you feel as if your home, life, car or office is one big mess it’s time to make organization a focus in 2019. Getting organized will provide you with peace and calm and make life easier for you. If you haven’t jumped on the Marie Kondo method yet, watch her new Netflix show and get inspired to clean your our home and get organized! If you feel your life is a mess, then it’s time to see what makes it a mess and then do things to stop making life chaotic. Get on a schedule, use a planner and do everything you can to make your hectic life more organized in 2019.

Learn a new skill or hobby

In 2019, why not enhance your life by learning a new skill or taking up a hobby? It’s a great way to add character and will help you get out and meet new people. Learning a new skill won’t be easy, but I’ll be a fun process along the way. Find out what you’ve always wanted to do and then go out and make it happen. Learn a new language, take up a craft or join a class – the possibilities are endless! By the end of 2019, you’ll be able to proudly say that you’ve been able to enhance your life with a new skill or hobby.

Travel more

Everyone wants to travel, but few actually make it happen. Make 2019 the year you see the world and cross off places on your travel bucket list. Even if you don’t go to some fancy or exotic location, create a list of places you’d love to travel to, both local and far and then see which one’s are doable with your funds and schedule. You can even create a special travel savings that you continuously put money into and then book a great trip towards the end of the year! But even if you can’t travel far, take a few road trips somewhere. Just get out and travel more in 2019!

Spend more time with those who matter

Stop wasting precious time on people who don’t matter in your life. Make it a goal this year to spend time with people that matter. Get rid of any toxic people or fake friends who serve no value in your life. Instead, focus on those you deeply care about who care about you!


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